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Posted by Employer Flexible on September 21, 2018
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Many business owners think of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) as strictly an outsourced HR and payroll partner, but they can add much more value even on top of these core services. At Employer Flexible, our offering reaches far beyond the day-to-day HR and payroll functions and can even directly impact Management’s operations and communication.

Employer Flexible’s broad range of clientele doesn’t translate into a “one-size-fits-all” approach. In fact, it’s the opposite! With a wide array of industries and job functions represented, clients’ needs are met with custom solutions from consultants with all types of different experience.

One client, a logistics company, raised many complaints from various departments over the years about the way employees were being managed. Recently, when an employee filed an EEOC charge against her supervisor, Employer Flexible knew we had to step in and help resolve the problem.


A member of management at the logistics company contacted his personal HR Consultant, Lydia Freeman, with complaints that a certain manager was not fit to perform the functions of her new position. Complaints about this manager included issues such as harsh treatment, unwillingness to accept feedback, and favoritism. Naturally, this caused habitual conflict amongst the staff.

“When we receive complaints about managers in an organization, we will dig deeper to find the root of the problem,” Freeman said. “It isn’t our job to handle business operations, but it is our job to keep employees in a productive, healthy and safe work environment.”

In many cases, an issue with one employee is relatively easy to pinpoint and resolve within an organization. However, as this investigation was under way, Employer Flexible found the issue was not isolated to only this manager.

“The first thing we had to investigate was how widespread the situation was. When we discovered this was a company-wide issue, we acted quickly.” It was discovered that many managers were being promoted to higher positions with little knowledge or applicable experience to match their job titles, therefore alienating their subordinates by not being equipped to manage them effectively.



Freeman and her team of HR Consultants at Employer Flexible took it upon themselves to create a customized suite of solutions to ensure managers had sufficient knowledge and were equipped to manage their teams effectively. A number of tactics were put in place to ensure managers created a healthy work environment for their subordinates and had sufficient knowledge of their position moving forward.

When first approached, the manager was not aware of any wrongdoings or mismanagement within the company. So Freeman and her team conducted a 360 survey across the organization to gauge the general feelings of her peers. In facilitating this survey, Freeman evaluated feelings and opinions from all employees the manager worked with. Feedback from coworkers is a crucial factor in the decision of what next steps to take in the process for a PEO.

Following the survey, Freeman and her team created a completely custom management training solution for this client. After realizing this issue was widespread following the 360 survey, Employer Flexible suggested that all 25 managers participate in this management-training course, which was comprised of six sessions, one to two hours each. Each session was developed with their specific issues in mind:

1. Managing Employee Communication and Coaching
2. Handling Absenteeism and Tardiness Effectively
3. Training and Development of Employees
4. Tools and Resources Available Through Employer Flexible
5. Pre-Employment Processes
6. Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

The interactive sessions garnered high engagement from the participants and were even documented and made available to the entire company. The custom program was developed by Employer Flexible at no additional cost, just for being a client.


Once the investigation and managerial training sessions were complete, the number of complaints dropped and employees reported a much smoother working relationship with managers. Overall, sentiment around managers is more positive than ever and employees report a healthier work environment. The Managers also developed a working relationship with Employer Flexible’s HR team. This allows them the ease to discuss employee relations they would otherwise attempt to handle on their own.

“The complaints have dramatically decreased,” Freeman said. “We went above and beyond because we saw an issue. Sometimes, the solution to a problem isn’t in the textbook.”

Thanks to the personal connection of Employer Flexible consultants to their clients, business owners and management teams, all employees can rest assured knowing Employer Flexible is available 24/7 to take on any managerial or administrative problem your company may have.

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