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Employer Flexible Acquires Birmingham, AL PEO STREAMLINE CXO

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Employer Flexible, a Texas-based PEO with offices throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Montana, has acquired Alabama-based PEO STREAMLINE CXO.

This is the second acquisition for Employer Flexible in as many years. In 2022 Employer Flexible acquired Oklahoma City-based PEO Partners HR.

Joe Daniel, Founder & President of STREAMLINE CXO, has joined Employer Flexible as the Alabama Market President. Additionally, the entire STREAMLINE CXO team has joined Employer Flexible.

“This acquisition is significant for us. We are now a larger PEO with an expanded geographical reach. We are proud to offer our services to businesses in four different states,” said Employer Flexible CEO Michael Hopkins. “Employer Flexible has dedicated the past several years to building a robust technology platform that provides tools for employee self-service as well as information at your fingertips through our mobile application. We are excited to now be offering these services to small businesses in Alabama.”

Employer Flexible harnesses the power of technology to create a better human resources experience for employees plus peace of mind for business leaders.

“I am confident that this acquisition will enable our Alabama team to better service our current clients as well as open up new offerings we can provide,” said Alabama Market President Joe Daniel. “Our current clients in Alabama will not see any big changes immediately. As a part of Employer Flexible, I look forward to sharing our enhanced capabilities with Alabama businesses very soon.”

Employer Flexible is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) combining intuition and expertise to help its clients impact what matters to their organization. Employer Flexible’s core services include Human Resource Outsourcing, Payroll, Employer Benefits & Health Insurance, and Risk Management.

Employer Flexible has more than 140 employees spread across seven office locations in four different states.

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