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How to Manage the Growth of a PEO’s Business

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With the complexities of the PEO sales business, VP Sales John Orth recently wrote a bylined entry for NAPEO’s PEO Insider Issue on how to manage the growth of a PEO’s business. In the write-up, Orth explains the complexities of appropriate growth for PEOs of various sizes and how to identify issues that business owners and sales team leaders may come across over time. 

A key question to ask within the company in this situation is “Have we hit a wall?” When the dust settles in January, PEOs get a complete snapshot of the cumulative sales process over the past year. If there is an issue, this is the time to identify the sales issues and come up with a solution. 

Orth goes on to explain the key processes that lead to meaningful sales metrics from the business aspect.  “I was once told that whatever problems a company has, it can be cured with more sales,” Orth wrote. “As a sales leader, I temporarily took comfort in my relative importance in the organization until I discovered that the corollary to that statement is that every problem in the company, if it stays long enough, becomes yours.” 

To learn more about Employer Flexible and how John leads his sales team through effective management, read his article in the PEO Insider Issue of NAPEO.