HR Trends to Watch for in 2019

Posted by Employer Flexible on November 13, 2018
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There are many exciting new HR trends coming in 2019 in the areas of recruitment, benefits, training and acquisition. Take a look at what’s coming so your company can get leverage all the new tools and techniques that are on the rise.

1. Candidate-Driven Job Market

The latest research indicates that it’s a 90% candidate-driven job market. The best candidates have multiple job offers to choose from, putting them in the driver’s seat. What’s that mean for recruiters? It means if you find a good candidate, it’s better to put an offer on the table right away rather than wait. Otherwise, you could find your company losing out on the best talent as they take another offer elsewhere.

2. Recruitment Marketing Strategies Are More Popular

In recruitment marketing, companies use marketing strategies to attract top talent. Companies' HR departments are collecting leads and nurturing them in much the same way the marketing department does with prospects: when job openings come up, the HR department already has a pool of interested candidates to reach out to. This process saves time when filling positions and ensures that only interested candidates are approached.

3. Integrating Artificial Intelligence with AI

Top companies like Google are already using AI to filter out the cream of the crop from applicants. AI has distinct advantages over traditional methods. First, AI doesn’t have the biases that humans might have toward things like gender and race. Second, AI can be programmed to sort applicants into any categories deemed necessary to thin out the stack of applications. Keywords can be created and put into a hierarchy of importance. Finally, AI presents a huge time saver for any size organization through automatic screening processes.

4. Automated Training and Education

Training is arguably one of the most time-consuming jobs of the HR department. While some automated training tactics have been used for a while, the trend is gaining momentum in new ways. HR departments are taking advantage of existing e-learning courses to develop and improve skills and knowledge for employees. And time saving isn’t the only benefit to automated training and education: through testing, e-learning courses provide an easy way to measure content absorption.

5. Benefits Evolving in 2019

In order to attract the best candidates, HR departments face stiff competition in the area of benefit offerings. In 2019, benefits and the way they’re presented are heavily evolving. Big data is playing an ever-increasing role in the way that benefits are evaluated and utilized by employees. By using big data, HR heads can better determine which benefits are valued more highly. In partnership with insurance providers, HR is getting creative with prescription drug benefits, offering things like rebates, drug-management skills assistance, and more.

These HR trends for 2019 are exciting, both for HR departments and for employees. It’s always rewarding to be able to offer employees and management the most efficient and valuable benefits. These trends promise to do just that.

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