Interview Preparation Action Items

Posted by Employer Flexible on November 21, 2017
Employer Flexible

Use this checklist to help you prepare for the hiring and interview process for an open position in your organization.

  • Review federal, state and local laws related to employment and hiring practices.
  • Write the job description and decide on any other necessary details, such as salary range and
    hiring manager.
  • Decide who will conduct the screening interview and what basic qualifications must be met by
  • Choose what type of interview you will conduct (e.g., in the office, over the phone, at lunch).
  • Decide how structured your interview will be. Do you want to work through a list of questions, or
    are you comfortable with a more casual, conversational approach?
  • Write your interview questions. Decide if you will use one type (e.g., behavioral), or a mix of
    different types of questions.
  • Know what questions are illegal.
  • Establish a method of evaluation so you can fairly compare candidates.

Download Our Interviewing Toolkit

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