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Employer Flexible, a Texas-based PEO with offices throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, and Alabama has acquired the assets of McKinney, Texas-based PEO Employer’s Risk Administrators.

This is the sixth acquisition for Employer Flexible and the third within the last two years. At the start of 2023 Employer Flexible acquired Birmingham Alabama-based PEO Streamline CXO.

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Understanding People Analytics & Their Benefits for Your Organization

Modern cyber woman with matrix eye concept

People Analytics has emerged as a powerful tool for HR professionals, enabling evidence-based decision-making and strategic workforce management which has led to improved talent acquisition, employee experience, and overall organizational performance.

“Over the last several years, companies have spun up a flurry of activity, establishing or attempting to advance their people analytics strategy,” wrote Eric Lesser and Peter DeBellis for Deloitte last year. “Whether to gain insight into the productivity of a more distributed workforce, understand and address retention challenges, or inform more sophisticated workforce planning, companies have been investing in a range of people analytics solutions and technologies.”

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Interview Tactics to Attract the Right Employees (and Not Scare Them!)

Recruiters checking the candidate during a job interview at office

When it comes to job interviews, it’s not just candidates that need to make a good impression as employers must make sure their interview behavior attracts the right employees and doesn't scare away those who could make a great fit to their team.

“Overselling. Oversharing. Avoiding Eye contact. Watching the clock. Using loaded phrases such as “We have a fast-paced culture”, which should have been axed years ago,” wrote Dana Wilkie for SHRM in May 2023. “Managers who behave in these ways while interviewing job applicants run the risk of causing potentially valuable employees to run for the hills.”

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How to Make Summer Hours Work for Your Team

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The genesis of “summer hours” or “summer Fridays” is unknown but it was first embraced in New York City during the “Mad Men” era of the 1960s when movers and shakers at ad agencies and publishing houses high-tailed it out of their Manhattan offices early each week to reach their summer homes some three hours away in The Hamptons.

“Beginning in the 1960s, thousands of professionals working at publishing houses and creative agencies deserted the office early on the Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Some left around midday; others took alternating Fridays completely off. That way, they could beat the weekend traffic to the Hamptons,” wrote Stephanie Buck in 2017.

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