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2024 is Almost Here: Trends Business Owners Should Prepare For

Hand with marker writing the word Trends

Early October is that time of year when the first crisp mornings appear like a shimmering mirage of a long, hot summer, and a reminder that 2023 is fast coming to a finish.

And while the Oktoberfest beer steins are still being cleaned and the Halloween candy has yet to be handed out, it’s not too early for business owners to turn their attention to 2024 and the coming new calendar year.

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Debunking AI Myths in HR

Man with future high tech smart glasses concept

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) there is no shortage of hyperbole with the emerging technology put by many somewhere between the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel.

It’s not just the fringe beating the drums for AI with Accenture in March releasing a report that says that generative AI “will transform work and reinvent business” and that “everything from science to business to society itself will be transformed. The positive impact on human creativity and productivity will be massive.”

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