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Harnessing the Diversity of 5 Generations in Your Workplace

Business people having a business meeting

There’s a lot of buzz about 5G in business, but for employers, 5G means more than just blazing internet speeds – it can stand for the five different generations, ranging from the Silent Generation to Gen Z, in today’s workplace.

Born anywhere from before World War II to after Y2K, these diverse generations all bring a unique perspective to the workplace with different values, work styles, and ideal work environments, making it tricky for employers to manage their staff.

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Why Employers Should Focus on Improving Leadership Training in 2024

Confident businessman or team leading in a meeting sitting at his desk facing his colleagues with a pleased smile on his face

Leadership training is essential for the success of any business, and in today's rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever for leaders to have the skills they need to help their organization attract and retain top talent.

For this reason, employers should focus on improving their leadership training programs in 2024 and beyond.

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Elevating HR Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Your Business

Business people working together on their laptop in cozy meeting room

HR Leaders in the past might have felt like the wedding guest stuck at the table in the back by the banquet kitchen door or the “adult” assigned to the “kid’s table” at Thanksgiving – sure, you were in the room, but you might have felt more like an afterthought than a focal point.

In today’s business world, however, senior HR can (and should!) play a pivotal role in shaping an organization’s success.

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10 Secrets to Creating an Amazing Employee Experience (EX)

Happy Employees on Bikes

Employers that want to attract, retain, and motivate top talent must make every effort to create an amazing employee experience.

This employee experience, often called “EX” in HR terms, is the sum of all interactions employees have with your organization, from the recruiting process to the exit interview, and occurs at every touch point along the way from day-to-day mundane interactions to major milestones.

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Create Streamlined & Consistent Offboarding Tailored for Your Business

Young Businessman leaving his job with a box of things from his office

Most of today’s workforce are too young to remember early 1960s teen heartthrob Neil Sedaka, but they likely know that his signature song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” continues to ring true in any decade.

Sedaka’s sad song may be at the top of some Spotify playlists as big-name employers are “breaking up” with employees during a wave of mass layoffs centered around the tech industry in the U.S.

“Tech jobs feel like they're vanishing quicker than steam from a pot of boiling water lately,” reported USA Today.

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Creating Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment

Man behind a laptop in home office

The pandemic’s effect on the workplace is a bit like having driven off a cliff – no matter how much we want to turn around or go back to the way things were before, it simply isn’t possible, especially when it comes to company culture in a hybrid work environment.

“Some leaders are thinking about what new culture and a new way of working might look like, and how to perpetuate a culture in a primarily hybrid world,” says Bryan Hancock, the global leader of McKinsey’s talent work.

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10 Important Things That You Need on Your 2023 HR Compliance Checklist


HR compliance checklists come in all shapes and sizes with the spectrum covering an alphabet soup of acronyms from COBRA to FMLA to ADA to FLSA.

The Society for Human Resource Management offers its members a whopping 39 compliance checklists that fall among 13 different categories.

“Ensuring your company is compliant with tax and labor laws helps create a safe and secure workplace for employees, provide fair compensation and ensure your company keeps up with its tax obligations.

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