2020 HR Trends

Posted by Employer Flexible on November 22, 2019
Employer Flexible

Like every aspect of the business world, human resources is a field that's always evolving. For this reason, it is important to keep up with the trends in this field. As 2020 approaches, it’s a good idea for businesses to think about what the coming year will bring with regard to HR. Below are some of the top trends you can expect to see in the field of HR next year. 

1. Increased need for an adaptive workforce. 

One of the trends you can expect to see during 2020 is an increasing need for an adaptive workforce - employees who can respond quickly and effectively to change. Organizations’ needs and goals are always changing, and members of the workforce need to adapt as necessary in order to better serve the organization. Adaptive skills for employees include resilience, empathy and self-awareness. In 2020, businesses need to find ways to help their employees develop these skills so they can become more productive and flexible. HR departments also need to take adaptability into consideration when considering job applicants for open positions. 

2. Finding a balance between transparency and privacy. 

Most HR departments promise both transparency and privacy to their employees. However, balancing these two values can be a challenge in the modern world. Because of government regulations, a certain amount of privacy must be guaranteed. At the same time, employees have come to expect greater levels of transparency as well. In 2020, businesses will need to work harder than ever before to find the right balance.

To find the appropriate balance between transparency and privacy, HR departments must first consider legal requirements. All legal requirements must be met, even if it means that transparency will be reduced. In addition, it's important to remember that legal requirements are subject to change, so HR departments need to remain up-to-date on the latest laws. HR departments should review and alter all programs and policies as needed whenever changes occur. 

3. Promoting accessibility in the workplace. 

All over the world, the population is aging. The average age of people in the workforce is increasing, as is the incidence of disability. In fact, because of disability, many people are unemployed or underemployed. In addition, many businesses are struggling because of labor shortages. 

As a result of these trends, the HR departments of 2020 will need to make accessibility a top priority. When an HR department prioritizes accessibility, the company can take advantage of the unemployed or underemployed sector of the workforce to fill in its open positions without compromising productivity.

Keeping up with all the trends that affect your HR department can be a challenge for a company of any size. Even after you understand these trends, taking the right steps to stay ahead of them requires significant time and effort. Fortunately, teaming up with the right professional employer organization can give you access to the resources and tools you need to keep your HR department running smoothly and effectively regardless of any changes that may come. To learn more about working with a PEO, please contact Employer Flexible today. 

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