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Posted by Employer Flexible on September 11, 2018
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Having immediate access to important information is a must nowadays. We live in an on-demand society, and if your customer cannot get what they need “right now”, they will find it elsewhere. That’s why Employer Flexible launched myHR– a mobile application to save its customers time and decrease stress. And who couldn’t use a little more time and a little less stress in their life? With the Employer Flexible myHR app, employees have 24/7 access to critical benefits, payroll and policy information for themselves and covered family members.

When Employer Flexible first launched the app in 2015, demand for digitized employee HR records and benefits information was on the rise. Today, it’s a necessity. This year, worldwide app downloads rose to over 200 billion, with no signs of slowing down.  

Didn’t know about the app? Here are some key features the app offers employees:

1. Easy Access to Benefits

The most popular function of the app is the one-touch benefits access. Once logged in, employees have direct access to their health insurance cards. Simply tap the Insurance Cards icon for access to medical, dental and vision insurance information. From here, users also have the option of mailing or faxing these documents directly from the app.

With features like digital insurance cards and secure account access on the go, the myHR app takes the hassle and stress out of handling benefits when you need them most.

2. Understanding Your Paycheck and Tax Deductions

The myHR app provides answers to employees’ payroll questions all in one place. Employees can access their most recent paycheck or view past statements, making it easier than ever to track crucial payroll data in real time without tying up your finance department. Within the Payroll tab in the app, users can instantly monitor earnings, taxes, deductions and net pay from their pay stubs.

3. Get Answers - Now

One of the most convenient features of myHR is the ability to immediately connect with your HR representative. By accessing the Support tab, users have access to contact their personal consultant at Employer Flexible for assistance with payroll and/or benefits services. In a time where employees need immediate answers to secure and sensitive questions, the myHR app efficiently delivers on Employer Flexible’s promise of convenience for its clients.

Flexibility is important to us at Employer Flexible – it’s in our name. By providing instant answers to your questions on the go, we’re able to minimize the inconveniences employees may come across with their benefits, payroll or HR needs.

The Next Evolution

As technology evolves, so does myHR. The app is preparing to launch additional features including biometric facial recognition and fingerprint passwords, coverage push notifications, and client onboarding right through the app.

For more information on the myHR app or contact us to speak to one of our professional HR consultants.

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